More LEGO Builders!

This page will show my top rated builders!

Kwon8429 Makes NXT & PF trial trucks, boats and gearboxes. Typically makes PF creations but sometimes makes NXT tutorials. Makes tractors, cars, trial trucks, and pneumatic engines.

Yoraish focuses mostly trial trucks made with PF & sometimes NXT.  Lama-Mantis tells about EV3, and posts NXT projects to his blog. Posts EV3 Cars, Games & Treaded vehicles. He is also making a EV3 book that might include the treaded vehicle! (check his blog for details!)

MindTechnic Posts fascinating custom ev3 creations.


22 comments on “More LEGO Builders!

  1. ”Lama-mantis tells you about the EV3. He also posts EV3 projects”
    That is incorrect! I tell about EV3, and i post NXT projects. I hope you can fix it 🙂

  2. Ok. Thanks for letting me know if you give me the link when your blog is finished I will put it up on this post.
    Happy building! 🙂

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