Upcoming Projects

Work In Progress projects.

Kenworth W900B

A big and complex project to test my building skills after a great summer away from lego.

The truck compromises of 4 xl’s for propulsion, 1 servo motor for steering, 1 L-Motor for the pneumatic pump, and pneumatic front suspension. The model also has 2 lights possibly 2 SBricks for Remote Control.

Complete 90%.

To do before completion: Roof, interior and compressor auto shutoff.


Click on image to see full resolution.

Future projects

Trial Truck

All Wheel Drive with RC motors geared down. (4×4) Functional Winch. Possibly Pneumatic locking differential and 2 speed RC gearbox.


RC buggy motors for propulsion and not based on anything. (A just for fun build)


Possibly all wheel drive. RC Buggy motors and Smart Brick. Details are sketchy. (You might find them at an art school. :D)


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